Canada-US Border Crossing
Effective since June 2009:

All Travelers

  • Passports are required for travel to and from Canada and must be presented at border security. Passport applications can be obtained by visiting the State Department's travel website. Passports can take up to six weeks to obtain and first time applicants are required to apply in person. Information on what is required to apply in person can be found here

Traveling Hunters

  • U.S. residents transporting firearms into Canada must complete Non-resident Firearms Declaration Form CAFC 909. This form must be submitted in triplicate upon reaching border security. DO NOT sign the form until your are in front of a border security agent! Note: CAFC 909 is not required for transporting bows into Canada.
  • U.S. residents returning to the U.S. with firearms should complete US Customs Form 4457. This form is not required for ground transportion of rifles or bows back to the U.S. but is strongly recommended to avoid any problems at broder crossings.
  • U.S. residents transporting meat or hides from black bears into the U.S. must obtain an Ontario Provincial Export Permit. Export permits are $35 and can be purchased at The Trading Post in Sault Ste. Marie prior to your return to the U.S. and points beyond.